Route 42 changes

For details about the upcoming intercity Route 42A/42B service changes and how they will impact Woodland, click here.

Local bus route changes and new citywide microtransit

YCTD will soon be releasing more details about local Woodland service changes that were recomended as part of the YoloGo Study. These changes include the modification of several Woodland local bus routes as well as a new citywide microtransit (on-demand, curb-to-curb van service) service. All of these Woodland service changes will be presented to the public for input before being launched. Details coming soon!

YoloGo-Recommended Permanent Service Eliminations

Consistent with the YoloGo Study adopted by the YCTD Board, on September 12, 2021, YCTD is permanently eliminated service on the following underutilized Yolobus Express and Commute routes that served Woodland so that the resources could be put toward more heavily used services:

  • Route 45X Spring Lake (Woodland)-Sacramento Express

  • Route 46 Spring Lake (Woodland)-Sacramento Express

  • Route 242 Woodland-Davis Commute

  • Route 243 Spring Lake (Woodland)-Davis Commute

If you previously used one of these routes, intercity Route 42 may be a good alternative for you!

Other temporary Yolobus service changes in Woodland

During Fall 2021, in response to driver and staffing shortages, there have been some other temporary Yolobus service changes in Woodland that are unrelated to the YoloGo study, including:

  • The temporary suspension of all remaining express routes that were not eliminated as part of YoloGo, including Express Routes 45 that serves Woodland. Route 45 will return as soon as staffing resources allow.