Route 42 improvements

Improvements are coming to Route 42A/42B! The launch of these service improvements has been delayed due to a driver and staffing shortage, but as soon as staffing levels improve, YCTD will be increaseing the frequency of the Route 42A/42B during peak hours and making routing changes in Davis and Downtown Sacramento to streamline the route


Another Route 42A/42B change that will benefit West Sacramento residents: Direct trips between West Sacramento and the Airport that don't require a bus transfer or layover in Downtown Sacramento!

For more details about the upcoming intercity Route 42A/42B service changes, click here.

New Route 37 (to replace Routes 35 and 39, which will be discontinued)

No earlier than November 2021, YCTD is going to discontinue underutilized Routes 35 and 39 in Southport and replace those two services with a new Route 37 (a hybrid of the 35 and 39 routes) that operates on weekdays only.

Discontinue Route 241

No earlier than November 2021, YCTD will discontinue underutilized Route 241 so that resources can be allocated to other, more heavily used routes and services (such as the Route 42 service increases).


One alternative mode of transportation that can be used instead of Route 241 is the City of West Sacramento's On-Demand: Via Rideshare service. More information on that service can be found on the City of West Sacramento's On-Demand Via Rideshare Website or by calling (916) 318-5101.

Minor adjustments to local Routes 40, 41 and 240

Minor adjustments are coming to Routes 40, 41 and 240 (no earlier than November 2021). These adjustments include restoring early and late trips that were temporarily discontinued due to COVID and modifying the route paths in Downtown Sacramento.