Improvements to Intercity Routes 42A & 42B

Due to recent and unanticipated driver and staffing shortages, YCTD has delayed the launch of Route 42A/42B service improvements, including increased service frequency during peak hours and routing changes in Davis and Downtown Sacramento. Current Route 42A/42B paths and schedules will remain in effect until further notice.

Once Yolobus has secured enough drivers to reliably operate the planned service changes, we will announce a new launch date. Updated information will be communicated through this website. Alternatively, you can sign up to receive email updates about all Yolobus service changes or follow YCTD on Facebook and Twitter.

Man Boarding 42B at SMF.JPG

Changes coming in the future

Increased service frequency

As soon as we have enough drivers to do so, we will be adding trips on Route 42A and 42B during the morning and evening peak hours so that buses come every 30 minutes rather than every 60 minutes. During the off-peak hours, buses will arrive every 45-60 minutes.

For the future Route 42 schedule, click here.

Route streamlining

We will also be streamlining the Route 42A and 42B in Davis and Downtown Sacramento. The maps below show the future routing in Davis and Downtown Sacramento.


Future Routing on 5th Street in Davis

Future Routing in Downtown Sacramento

Unitrans Connections to Route 42 in Davis

If your stop in Davis will no longer be served by a Yolobus route after these changes take place, click here for a map of Unitrans routes that you can use to connect to the improved Route 42.

Route 42 Changes in West Sacramento

Specific Route 42 changes that will benefit West Sacramento:

  • Increased 30 minute frequencies during peak hours

  • Direct trips between West Sacramento and the Airport that don't require a bus transfer or layover in Downtown Sacramento!