Route 42 changes

For details about the upcoming intercity Route 42A/42B service changes and how they will impact Davis, click here.

Route 42 service between Davis and the Airport

When the Route 42 service changes launch (date TBD due to driver shortage), service to the Sacramento International Airport (SMF) is going to be more frequent than ever! If you are traveling to the Airport from Davis, either 42A or 42B may be faster for you depending on your location within Davis. Click here for help finding the fastest route for your trip, or call Yolobus Customer Service at (530) 666-2877 for trip planning assistance.

YoloGo Recommended Permanent Service Eliminations and Reductions

Consistent with the YoloGo Study adopted by the YCTD Board, on September 12, 2021, YCTD permanently eliminated service on the following underutilized Yolobus Express and Commute routes that served Davis so that the resources could be put toward more heavily used services:

  • Route 44 Davis-Sacramento Express

  • Route 232 Davis-Sacramento Express

  • Route 242 Woodland-Davis Commute


On September 12, 2021, YCTD also permanently reduced service on the Route 230 (Davis-Sacramento Express). The Route 230 now makes only 4 trips per day (2 AM trips + 2 PM trips).

If your stop in Davis is no longer served by a Yolobus route, click here or see the map below for information on Unitrans alternatives, which can be used to connect to the impoved intercity Route 42.

Other temporary Yolobus service changes in Davis

During Fall 2021, in response to driver and staffing shortages, there have been some other temporary Yolobus service changes in Davis that are unrelated to the YoloGo study, including:

  • The temporary suspension of all remaining express routes that were not eliminated as part of YoloGo, including Express Routes 43, 43R and 230 that serve Davis. These services will return as soon as staffing resources allow.

  • The temporary Yolobus operation of local Davis bus routes that were formerly operated by Unitrans, including the Line A and Line L to help meet ridership demands in the City of Davis in light of Unitrans' student driver shortage.